Simple ingredients + artisan baking = perfect crunch!

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Early Fall Gazpacho
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The first loaves came out of the Firehook oven in December 1992.
Mediterranean is not the flavor of the month in our house: our baking grew from our family’s Eastern Mediterranean heritage. We had longed for a neighborhood bakery, like the village bakers in our hometown. Crackers were part of our taste memory, so we developed our own—crunchy, well-seasoned, unevenly beautiful—and sold them alongside our breads and pastries. Whole and healthy ingredients made for savory, addictive crackers— perfect for our customers’ Mediterranean inspired diet.

We are bakers from way back.

Our crackers are excellent with your favorite cheese or as a simple tasty snack. Always, our crackers use the fewest ingredients to give you the best flavor. We believe that simple and natural tastes better, and we hope you do too. Whether you are serving Firehook crackers to your family or selling them in your natural-food store, thank you from the bottom of our hearth!

“That‘s a great cracker”

The idea of baking crackers with passion may sound corny, but we are truly excited about our from-scratch baking, the quality crackers we send to our retail partners, and the enthusiasm we see from the customer who takes those crackers home. We would love to hear from you anytime.

Pierre & The Firehook Family